Every Mack in our family had a very full year,
Starting in January until Christmas cheer.
At the beginning we got the good news,
There would be a baby to fill tiny shoes.
But in the basement of parents we did stay,
And needed more space for the baby to play.
Diapers and blankets they too take up space,
So we decided to find our own place.
We searched the whole city until we were beat,
But found our new home would be right down the street.
So we purchased the house and the very same day,
We left on vacation without delay.
First to LA. we saw the big mouse,
Then off to Mexico to build a house.
A wonderful trip meeting old and new friends,
After 3 weeks it sadly came to an end.
April came with a day to remember,
It was the wedding of Tyler and Heather.
In our new house we ripped up the floors,
And made everything new, except for the doors.
When we moved in, we were not alone,
Troy's parents moved in as they needed a home.
The summer came with heat that did linger,
While Naomi got bigger and bigger and BIGGER!
September was here, the due date was near,
Yet we took on two girls with their hockey gear.
A few days later the doctors did say,
The baby must come the very next day.
To the hospital went Naomi and Troy,
Where they got to meet their cute little boy.
The next few months were busy alright,
With Tristan eating both day and night.
November took Tristan on his first airplane ride,
To meet his relatives on Naomi's side.
Then in December Troy's parents moved out,
The girls were happy and gave up a shout.
They moved downstairs into their lair,
And were finally out of our hair.
Now it is Christmas and the end is near,
Looking back, we've had a great year.
We wish for your Christmas to be full of cheer,
So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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